CyberTalk with Bill and Robin: 29th March 2023

CyberTalk: The Security Update

Welcome to a video series intended to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues beyond what is simply in the latest newsfeed.

In this series, Robin Johns and Bill Carter discuss the top Security items that every cyber team needs to know to help keep them aware of what is happening in the broader security space, and more importantly, how Cato helps keep you protected.

In this episode, we explore the following topics:

  • The Seventh Branch - Why Convergence is key
    • The US Military Cyber Professional Association urged lawmakers this week to establish a U.S. Cyber Force in this year's annual defense policy bill. It has been alleged that the current approach to Cybersecurity across the current 6 military branches has been divided, inconsistent, and inefficient, and that a dedicated security branch is needed. The Government is converging, why should you?


  • You've got Malicious Mail: CVE-2023-23397
    • A new critical vulnerability impacting Microsoft Outlook was recently published by Microsoft allowing hackers to steal hash information with zero involvement required from the user. This exploit works via sending a calendar invite, which can eventually steal the net-NTLM hash along with usernames and domain names (to be used in a future attack.) How does this work? Are you protected? Well, you are if you are a Cato customer...

Watch the latest episode here:

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