EoS for Linux, iOS and Android Clients Earlier than v5.0

Cato Client Notification: EoS for Linux, iOS and Android Clients Earlier than v5.0

From July 1, 2023, SDP Clients on Linux, iOS and Android for versions earlier than 5.0 are declared End of Support (EoS). Cato no longer supports these earlier Clients. After July 1, we can’t guarantee that these EoS Clients will continue to work and connect to the network. Support tickets opened for an EoS Client version, will be asked to upgrade to the newest version first.

The Clients v5.x contain the following new features:

  • iOS and Android Clients - Support for SSO and Always-on
  • Linux Client - Support for SSO
  • Security enhancements and bug fixes, including:
    • A number of connectivity improvements that provide a better user experience
    • Improved overall Client stability

For more about EoS and Cato Clients, see End of Support (EoS) Policy for Cato Clients.

Where Can I Download the Newest Client Version?

You can get more information about downloading the newest Client version here.

Who Do I Talk to If I Have Questions?

Please contact Support, or your authorized Cato representative. 

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