X1500 Socket Electrical Specifications

This article shows the details for the power consumption details and specifications for Cato X1500 and X1500B Socket models.

X1500 BTU/HR Details

Socket Model


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General Description

This specification defines the input, output characteristics and performance requirements for 24 watts switching mode AC to DC adapter.

Electrical Specifications for X1500 and X1500B Socket Models

  • Input Requirement

    • Input Voltages And Frequency Normal Voltages

    • Normal Voltages 100-240VAC Voltage Variation Range 90-264 VAC

    • Normal Frequency 50-60Hz

    • Frequency Variation Range 47Hz to 63 Hz 

    • Input Current

      AC input current shall not exceed 0.6A MAX, when operated at100-240VAC with no load to full load. 

    • Inrush Current 

      The inrush current must be limited to 50A when operated at 240VAC. Inrush current is measured at an ambient temperature of 25 °C with the test temperature stabilized in the power off condition until at ambient temperature

    • Power Consumption 

      The power consumption shall not exceed 0.075W when operated at normal voltage 100-240VAC with no load

  • Input Protection

    • Input Current Protection

      A fuse with a rating of 2.0A shall be installed on the input line side near the input connector to provided protection to the power supply

  • Output Requirement

    • Output Voltage - Current And Ripple Under any combinations of line and load variation and environmental conditions, output shall remain with in the tolerance defined below:

      • Input normal voltage: 100 - 240VAC

      • Output Nominal Voltage - 12VDC

      • Output Regulation +/- 5%

      • Minimum Load (A) 0

      • Maximum Load(A) 0

      • Ripple (m Vp-p) 200

      • Output power (w) 24


      • Output voltages shall be measured at output connector.

      • Ripple measurements shall be made with an oscilloscope of at least 20 MHz bandwidth. Output shall be bypassed at the connector with a 0.1uF ceramic disk capacitor and a 10uF electrolytic capacitor to simulate system loading at temperature 25°C.

    • Short Circuit Protection and Over Current Protection

      • The power supply shall be protected from damage of accidentally shorting Output for a long time period or over current Protection (2.2-3.0)A and auto-recovery when the fault is removed.

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