CyberTalk with Bill and Robin - 20th April 2023

CyberTalk: The Security Update

Welcome to a video series intended to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues beyond what is simply in the latest newsfeed.

In this series, Robin Johns and Bill Carter discuss the top Security items that every cyber team needs to know to help keep them aware of what is happening in the broader security space, and more importantly, how Cato helps keep you protected.

In this episode, we explore the following topics:

  • Domain Generating Algorithms (DGA)
    • Threat actors often rely on domain-generating algorithms to circumvent traditional URL filtering to establish a malicious connection with a deployed payload. But do you know what DGAs are, or how to protect against them?
  • The 3CX Supply Chain Attack
    • On March 29th, a new supply chain attack was identified targeting 3CX, a VoIP IPXS developer. This exploit used a 10-year-old Microsoft vulnerability (CVE-2013-3900) that makes executables appear to be legitimately signed by Microsoft while, in fact, they are being used to distribute malware. How did this happen, and how can you prevent this from being a problem in your business environment?

Watch the latest episode here:

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