Product Update - May 29th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • Look-and-Feel Update to Cato API GraphQL Playground: As part of enhancing the Cato API server infrastructure, we are making some cosmetic changes to the GraphQL playground.

    • There is no change or impact to API queries, scripts, and configurations

    • We recommend that you only use the GraphQL playground as a test or staging environment. The content in the playground is not persistent and can be deleted

  • Audit Trail Includes SaaS Security API: The Audit Trail now shows changes in the SaaS Security API policy, including:

    • Creating and deleting connectors

    • Editing, creating, and deleting Threat Protection and Data Protection rules

Cato SDP Client Releases

  • macOS Client v5.4 / Linux Client v5.1: We are updating the rollout plans for macOS Client v5.4 and Linux Client v5.1. These Clients will start gradual rollout in the next few weeks.

Security Updates

  • Application Database:

    • Added more than 100 new SaaS applications (you can view the SaaS apps in the Apps Catalog), including:

      • CyberghostVPN 
      • IPvanishVPN 
      • MullvadVPN 
      • PrivateInternetAccessVPN 
      • ProtonVPN 
      • PureVPN 
      • SurfsharkVPN 
      • TunnelbearVPN 
    • Enhanced these SaaS applications:

      • ExpressVPN (Enhancement)
      • Naver (Enhancement)
      • Line Works (Enhancement) 

    IPS Signatures: 

    • Ransomware RA Group (New)
    • Ransomware SHTORM (New)
    • Ransomware Akira (New)
    • CVE-2023-28432
    • CVE-2023-28231 
    • CVE-2023-27350
    • CVE-2023-24949
    • CVE-2022-45928
    • CVE-2022-45926
    • CVE-2022-45925
    • CVE-2022-45924
    • CVE-2022-43938
    • CVE-2022-43771
    • CVE-2022-41828
    • CVE-2021-34427
    • CVE-2020-36222 
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring:

    • Remote Execution - CSExec (New)
    • Remote Execution - PAExec (New)
    • Remote Execution - RemCom (New)
    • Remote Execution - WinRM via PowerShell (New)
    • Remote Execution - WinRS (New)
    • Remote Execution - Impersonated CsExec (New)
    • Upload Bash Script (New)
    • Upload JSP Web Shell (Enhancement) 

Knowledge Base Updates



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