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Summary of Cato iOS Client Releases

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This article summarizes features, enhancements, of iOS Clients from version 5.1.1 to 5.0.

In addition, it also lists the known limitations.

The iOS Client can be downloaded from the App store (for iOS and iPadOS)

For more information about the requirements to implement Cato's remote access in your organization, see Installing the Cato Client.

iOS SDP Clients

This section summarizes the features and enhancements of iOS Clients from version 5.1.2 to 5.0.


iOS Client v5.1.2

The iOS Client version 5.1.2 is available for download from the App Store from Aug 13th, 2023. This version includes:

    • Improved connectivity in Office Mode

    • Bug fixes and enhancements

iOS Client v5.1.1

The iOS Client version 5.1.1 was available in the iOS App Store from June 12th, 2023. This version contains bug fixes and enhancements including:

  • Resolved an issue where some SDP users couldn’t upload large files when the Client was connected to the Cato Cloud


iOS Client v5.1

The iOS Client version 5.1 was available in the iOS App Store from February 26th 2023. This version includes:

  • A bug fix where the Client didn’t reconnect to the network after the iOS device was activated from sleep mode

iOS Client v5.0

iOS Client version 5.0 is available in the iOS App Store from November 24th, 2022 , and includes:

  • Always-On and SSO: The Cato Client now supports authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) when the Always-On policy is enabled for iOS devices. Read more.

  • Bypass Code: Generate a Bypass Code to allow SDP users to temporarily disconnect the Client.

  • Bug fixes and enhancements


Known Limitations for iOS Clients v5.0

This section lists known limitations that apply to all the iOS Clients version 5.0 and higher.

  • For accounts that use Device Authentication with a certificate, when the iOS device recovers from sleep mode, you need to open the Client (doesn't include Always On)

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