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How to Remove macOS SDP Client User Profiles

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In macOS, it isn't enough to send the SDP Client to trash for User Profiles to be removed from the Client. They will continue to show up after re-installing the Client.


  • macOS SDP Client (any version)


User Profiles can be manually removed one-by-one from the client UI. Hover over each user profile and click the delete button:


If there are issues removing profiles manually or if Always-On is enabled, user profiles can also be deleted from a macOS directory. The following steps describe the process to remove User Profiles this way:

  • First, remove the SDP Client from the Computer. You can do so from the Applications folder.
  • Go to Terminal and run:
cd /Users/username/Library/Group Containers
  • You should see a directory called:
  • Run:
rm -rf*
rm -rf
  • Deleting that directory will clear all but the primary profile (used in the last connection). That one will need to be removed manually from the SDP Client in any case.
  • After re-installing the SDP Client, you will see that the directory is recreated.

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