How to Install the Cato Certificate

We've created an easy installation process page for you.

Please check our installation process, Install Cato Certificate



Installing the certificate will add it to the relevant operating system store (Keychain for Mac, Certificate Management for Windows)

In case you're running third party tools which requires and manages its own certificate system, you'll need to import it there as well.

Few example with reference:


* Java SE - You will be required to push the certificate to the Java cert store as well:

Or using the keytool -

* InteliJ -

* Git -

* Firefox - or our article here.

Known issues:

About credential storage password

For some of the Android devices, you should first define strong password (not swipe or 4-digit), see more information here.


Change the Lock screen password to a PIN, ex. 0000. (Settings/Lock screen/Screen lock/Password/Change password -> PIN). Also check if the Password required option is set to Password required immediately.


Unable to install the certificate. Error: "Couldn't install because certificate file couldn't be read"


Install a certificate from Settings/Additional Settings/Privacy/Install certificate from SD/Choose the relevant certificate

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