How to Reconnect the Socket Tunnel


For more about the Socket WebUI, see Using the Socket WebUI.

To reconnect the Socket tunnel you can choose between:

1) From the Socket WebUI, choose the Cato Connection Settings tab and click Reconnect. The Socket establishes a new DTLS tunnel to the PoP (this takes a few seconds to complete).

2) Disconnect the cables for the Socket WAN links, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect them.
3) Unplug the Socket power cable, and then plug it in again.

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  • Comment author
    Jordan Weaver

    When I click reconnect in the Socket WebUI, how long does the connection stay down?

  • Comment author
    Yaakov Simon


    Thanks for you comment. After clicking Reconnect in the Socket WebUI, it takes a few seconds for the Socket to establish a new DTLS tunnel to the PoP in the Cato Cloud.

    I updated this article to clearly explain the Reconnect behavior.

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