High Current Distance (Latency)

Are you connected using a Cato Socket in the same country as the Cato POP, and seeing high latency?

In our experience, most of the time when you see unexpected high latency, the problem is with the ISP's routing mechanisms. Expected high latency would be when you know the nearest PoP is not close by. The distance to a PoP adds roughly 1 millisecond per 150 Kilometers (90 miles), times 2 for the round trip. (Nerd note: The speed of light in a vacuum is 300,000 Kilometers per second, while only 200,000 Kps through fiber optic cables!)

We've found that the best practice for this situation is to reach out to your local ISP and ask for a trace route from your ISP's closest router towards the relevant PoP. The PoP IPs are published in the following article

This first step will often lead to a quick resolution of your case. Cato support is ready to assist where needed, so including us on your support tickets with your ISP can be beneficial. 


Good luck and happy routing!


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