Updating the Socket WAN Interface Bandwidth

Configure the Socket WAN interface bandwidth setting according to the terms of Cato site license. Each link, for both Active/Passive and Active/Active configurations, should be assigned the bandwidth per the site license. For example, if the site license is for 1000Mbps, and you have two links configured as Active/Active, define the bandwidth for each link (upstream and downstream) as 1000Mbps. 

If the Cato site license has a higher bandwidth value than the ISP link bandwidth, set each link’s bandwidth according to the ISP bandwidth. For more about Cato site licenses, see Working with Cato License Types.

Note: For sites with multiple links, follow the procedure below for each link.

To update the Socket WAN interface bandwidth:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Network > Sites, and select the site.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Site Configuration > Socket. 
  3. Select the Socket Interface. 
    The Edit Socket Interface panel opens.
  4. In Bandwidth, enter the new Downstream Mbps and Upstream Mbps values. 
  5. Click Apply, and then click Save.


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  • Comment author
    Nishino Tomoya

    We need only to change the BW settings but also,need to upglade the relevant license(For example, the license is upgraded from 10mbps to 20mbps)?

  • Comment author
    Aviram Katzenstein

    Hi Tom,

    You are right. There is a need to update the license. We will update this article. Thank you!


  • Comment author
    Adam Makarenko

    Hi Tom,

    What about off-cloud and bypass traffic? If I have a 50 mbit/s license and my line is 100 Mbit/s my off-cloud or bypassed traffic will be limited to 50 Mbit/s = setting from interface bandwidth or it will be full ISP speed?

  • Comment author
    Said Abouelouyoune

    If the WAN links combined is set to 200Mbps while the site license is set to 100Mbps. How does Cato deal with excessive traffic over the tunnel?


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