Product Update - June 19th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • Security Update - IPS Protection for MOVEit Vulnerability: On June 9th, 2023, Cato deployed a protection for the IPS service to protect against an exploit leveraging CVE-2023-34362 found in Progress MOVEit software. (See this blog post for more information).

  • Anti-Malware Protection Now Includes Encrypted Files: We enhanced the Anti-Malware service with the ability to identify and block downloads of encrypted files. This helps secure your organization by preventing users from downloading malicious files disguised as legitimate encrypted files, which is a common technique in ransomware and other cyber attacks.

    • When the Anti-Malware service identifies an encrypted file, it returns a verdict of Encrypted

      • Anti-Malware rules set for All Files now also include the verdict of Encrypted, and block or allow all files that match the rule

      • Previously, Anti-Malware verdicts included Suspicious and Malicious

    • You can configure an Anti-Malware rule to allow downloading Encrypted files to meet the needs of your users

  • Improved Troubleshooting for TLS Inspection: To help resolve issues related to TLS Inspection, we added these enhancements to help understand and resolve untrusted server certificate related issues:

    • Events now include a new field with a better explanation for these issues

    • The Block/Prompt page now shows users more information about these issues for them to communicate to you

  • accountMetrics API Supports Specific Sites or SDP Users: We added an optional scope field to the accountMetrics API, which lets you specifically query sites (SCOPE_SITES) or SDP users (SCOPE_SDP_USERS).

    • There is no impact or change to existing queries

    • We recommend that you use this field to avoid potential inconsistencies where specific site and SDP user IDs are provided for a single API query

  • Upcoming Change to eventsFeed Cato API - Ending Support for the Fields Format: As of July 16th, 2023 Cato will stop supporting the fields format for the eventsFeed read-only Cato API.

    • The fields format is functionally compatible with the fieldsMap or flatFields formats

    • No changes or impact to fieldsMap or flatFields formats

    • We recommend using the fieldsMap format for eventsFeed API calls


PoP Announcements

  • Osaka, Japan: A second Cato PoP is now available in Osaka.

Knowledge Base Updates

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