Product Update - July 3rd, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • New X1600 Socket Model for Mid-Size Sites: The X1600 Socket bridges the gap between the X1700 and X1500 Sockets, with the following details:

    • 1 Gbps max tunnel throughput

    • 8 ports (in total)

    • Fiber ports

  • Immediately Validate DLP Content Scans: For each DLP Data Type, you can verify that the DLP engine recognizes and matches the sensitive data. For example, when you define a Keyword data type, you can upload and scan a test file to validate that the DLP engine detects the keywords. This helps you make sure that different Data Types correctly match content and prevent users from leaking sensitive data.

    • All DLP data types can be validated using test files, including: predefined types in the Data Types Catalog, user defined data types, and sensitivity labels

    • For better troubleshooting and enhanced supportability for cases where the file doesn’t match the data type, you can download a text file of the content extracted by the DLP engine

  • DLP Engine Now Detects Encrypted Files: We enhanced the DLP engine with the ability to identify and block encrypted files to let you prevent users from uploading or downloading sensitive information hidden in password-protected files.

  • Change to Preferred PoP Settings: You are no longer able to manually define the following China PoP locations for the site’s Preferred PoP location settings:
    Beijing_DC3, Beijing_DC4, Shanghai_DC3, Shanghai_DC4, Shenzhen_DC4
    Existing sites configured with these China PoP locations will continue to get service from these PoPs.
    • No configuration changes are required

    • Existing sites will not be impacted by the change

    • The PoPs mentioned above will keep providing services

Cato SDP Client Releases

PoP Announcements

  • Ashburn, United States: A second Cato PoP will shortly become available in Ashburn
  • Nairobi, Kenya: A new Cato PoP will shortly become available in Nairobi


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  • Comment author
    Yaakov Simon

    The change to Preferred PoP settings for China PoP locations was delayed and will be implemented soon.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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