Product Update - July 17th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • Stories Dashboard for Cato MDR Customers: The Stories Dashboard lets customers of Cato’s MDR service easily follow investigations performed by Cato Security analysts. In addition, the dashboard widgets let you see at a glance the security stories with the highest risk, common MITRE ATT&CK® techniques and indicators of attack, suspicious hosts and sites, and more.

    • The dashboard shows a total risk score for the account to help you assess your overall security situation

    • You can also drill-down and use the Stories Workbench to show all the data and analytics

  • New Option to Mitigate Packet Loss Issues Caused by Micro-Bursts: Micro-bursts are characterized by a sudden surge of packets or data frames that occur within a very short time frame, typically lasting only a few microseconds to milliseconds. In situations where micro-bursts occur and exceed the link's rate limit, the Last-Mile Provider (ISP) may drop the excessive traffic, resulting in packet loss. To resolve these types of issues, we are starting a gradual release of an Advanced Configuration option to adjust the micro-bursts (Burstiness) settings for Socket sites.

    • Read more about troubleshooting packet loss and configuring the micro-bursts settings here

  • Cato Management Application Enhancement:

    • Reports Screen Moves to Monitoring Tab: The Reports screen is now located under Monitoring > Reports.

      • Previously it was located under Administration > Reports

Knowledge Base Updates

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