Configuring PingFederate SSO for your Account

This article explains how to configure PingFederate as the Single Sign-On (SSO) provider for users and Cato Management Application admins.


Configuring PingFederate as your SSO provider simplifies authentication and enhances the user experience. With SSO configured for your account, users can log in to the Client and admins can log into the Cato Management Application by authenticating with their SSO credentials and do not need a different set of dedicated credentials.

Configuring PingFederate as an SSO Provider

Follow these steps to configure PingFederate as an SSO provider:

  1. Add Cato as an OAuth Client in your PingFederate admin console

  2. Enter the details of your PingFederate Host in the Cato Management Application

  3. Configure which users can authenticate with SSO and the token validity

Step 1: Add Cato as an OAuth Client

In your PingFederate admin console, add Cato as an OAuth Client.


To add Cato as an OAuth Client:

  1. In the PingFederate admin console, on the Applications tab, click OAuth Clients.

  2. Click Add Client

  3. Enter a Client ID, Name

  4. Select and define a Client Secret.

  5. In Redirect URI's, enter these URIs:

    • https://sso.via.cato




  6. Click Save.

  7. From the navigation menu, click OpenID Connect Policy Management.

  8. Click Add Policy.

  9. Choose a Policy ID and Name

  10. Select an Access Token Manager.

  11. Select the Include user info in ID token checkbox.

  12. Click Next and then Save.

Step 2: Configure PingFederate as your SSO Provider

In the Cato Management Application, enter the unique details for your PingFederate account.


To configure PingFederate as your SSO provider:

  1. In the Cato Management Application, from the Navigation menu, click Access > Single Sign On.

  2. Select Enable Single Sign-On.

  3. From the Identity Provider drop-down menu, select PingFederate.

  4. Enter your PingFederate Host that was used when you installed the PingFederate server.

    Note: If required, you can specify a specific port using the format,

  5. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret that was created at Step 1.

  6. (Optional) If required, enter the Additional Authorization Parameters.
    Use the syntax key=value&key=value.

Step 3: Configure How PingFederate is Used in your Account

You can choose to allow users, Cato Management Application admins, or both to authenticate with SSO using PingFederate.

You can also configure how long the Cato authentication token is valid for. The Token validity settings define in Days or Hours the amount of time that users remain authenticated. Users that are logged in must re-authenticate when the duration you define in Days or Hours (since they last logged in) has been reached.

The Always Prompt options means that users must always authenticate to the Client.


To configure how PingFederate is used in your account:

  1. On the Access > Single Sign On page, define the Token validity settings.

  2. Choose which users can authenticate with SSO.

  3. Click Save.

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