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Changing your Account Name and Subdomain

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This article discusses how to change your Account name and Subdomain.


Your account name is the name of your instance of the Cato Management Application.

The subdomain is used as the URL for your instance of the Cato Management Application and the URL for Browser Access . If a SDP user has been provisioned in two accounts with the same email address, the subdomain is used to identify which account to connect to.

Both the account name and the subdomain can be changed, after your account has been created and SDP users have been provisioned, with no impact to your security policies and with minimal impact to your SDP users.

Sample Use Case

Company ABC recently merged with another company and rebranded to a new name. They need to update their Browser Access portal URL to reflect the new brand so that it's easy for SDP users to identify their company’s account name. The company need to manage this change with no impact to their security posture and minimal impact to SDP users.

The company opens a ticket with the Support to change the name of their account and change the subdomain for the Cato Management Application. When the name is changed, there is no change to the company’s Security, Network or Access configuration and SDP users are not disconnected.

The IT department send an email Browser Access users informing them that the URL they use has been updated to reflect the company’s new name. They are able to log into the updated URL using their existing credentials.

Changing Your Account Name and Subdomain

This section describes how to change your account name and subdomain and explains the impact of this change.

Changing Your Account Name

To change your account name, contact Support and provide the details of the new account name.

Impacts of Changing Your Account Name

After your account name has been changed, only the new account name can be used to sign into the User Portal (

Changes to your account name do not impact:

  • Any configuration or security policy

  • The connectivity of your SDP users

  • Your subdomain

Changing Your Subdomain

You can change your subdomain from the Cato Management Application.

As of September, 2023, hyphens are no longer supported when changing the subdomain for your account.

To change your subdomain:

Change Subdomain
  1. From the navigation menu, click Access > Single Sign-On.

  2. In the Cato Subdomain section, change your subdomain.

  3. Click Save.

Impacts of Changing Your Subdomain

These are the impacts of changing your Subdomain:

  • The following URLs are changed to reflect your new subdomain:

    • The URL for your instance of the Cato Management Application

    • The Browser Access Portal URL

  • If you have devices with Pre Login enabled, you must update to configuration to reflect the new subdomain. For more information, see Using Windows Pre Login and the SDP Client.

  • If a SDP user uses the same email to connect to more than one account, only the new subdomain can be used to connect to your account.

Changes to your subdomain to not impact:

  • Any configuration or security policy

  • The connectivity of your SDP users

  • Your account name

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