Product Update - Sept. 18th, 2023

New Features & Enhancements

  • Authenticate SDP Users Automatically with Windows Credentials: Over the next few weeksSDP users can authenticate to the Client with their Windows credentials for an improved user experience. You can configure the Client to add a user, launch, authenticate, and connect without any user action.

    • Available from Windows Client version 5.8 and higher

    • Supported with Azure SSO on devices that are:

      • Running Windows 10 or higher

      • Azure AD joined

  • Disable Always-On in Designated Trusted Networks: Over the next few weeks, to provide access to an office network that is protected by a third-party solution, admins can define conditions that classify it as a Trusted Network. Once the Client identifies a Trusted Network, Always-On is disabled. This optimizes network performance for users connecting to the Trusted Network.

    • Available from Windows Client version 5.8 and higher

    • You can classify a Trusted Network based on:

      • HTTPS resource request

      • DNS query

      • Ping to IP address or a URL

  • Socket WebUI Now Shows Socket CPU Usage: We added the new Socket HW Status tab to the Socket WebUI that lets you monitor the real-time Socket CPU usage. This can help with different troubleshooting scenarios, for example - if a site has performance issues, you can ensure that the Socket CPU isn’t the source of the problem.

    • Requires Socket v19.0

  • Upcoming Deprecation to Health Field in timeseriesMetricType: On December 17th, 2023, we will deprecate the health field of the TimeseriesMetricType used in the accountMetrics API. After this date, the health field in the accountMetrics API will not be available.




Note: Content described in this update is gradually rolled out to the Cato PoPs over a two-week period. In addition, new features are gradually activated in the Cato Management Application over the same two-week rollout period as the PoPs. For more information, see this article. See the Cato Status Page for more information about the planned maintenance schedule.

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