Socket Version 19.0 Release Notes

Socket version 19 includes the following features:

  • This version also includes the firmware for new features, and in the coming weeks we will update the Cato Cloud and release the following features:

    • BGP Route Summarization: Optimize BGP routing efficiency by summarizing multiple individual routes into a single BGP summary route. You will also be able to set communities for the summarized routes.

    • Socket WebUI Now Shows Socket CPU: Monitor the real-time Socket CPU usage in the Socket WebUI. This can help with different troubleshooting scenarios, for example - if a site has performance issues, you can ensure that the Socket CPU isn’t the source of the problem.

  • v19.0.17412 includes:

    • Security updates: Support for OpenSSL 3.1.2 (previously OpenSSL 1.0 was supported)

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