Cato Managed Changes in your Cato Management Application Account

In extremely rare instances, customers may notice the changes conducted by Cato on their account. These changes are implemented to ensure the network's overall performance, stability, and security.

What do customers see in the Events and Audit Trail?

Customers may notice changes in the configuration of their account and its performance, such as changes in the organization's preferred PoP location and other examples conducted by Cato. 

These changes are available in the Events or Audit Trail and show as a change conducted by the System User. See the sample image below.



Why is this happening? 

Cato will not make changes to your environment without your consent. However, Cato has a duty to preserve the service for all customers. In the course of carrying out this duty, Cato may be forced to make changes to the environment.

Cato diligently performs service maintenance to enhance the network's overall performance, stability, and security. To notify our valued customers of scheduled network maintenance that may affect their service, we are maintaining Cato's Status Page, where we detail all relevant information such as Affected services, Maintenance Scope, Description, Impact, and the Estimated duration of downtime for each item.

When items occur outside of the scheduled maintenance windows—potentially affecting the Cato Service if left unattended until the next scheduled maintenance—Cato takes the initiative in implementing emergency maintenance.

During emergency maintenance, Cato may apply urgent performance or account changes to keep the service uptime, which can be monitored in the account's Events and Audit Trail.

Compared to scheduled network maintenance, Cato does not include any details of emergency maintenance on the status page, as this can be specific to an account. If you have questions or concerns about an emergency update performed by Cato, please raise a ticket to Support.

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