Unregistering and Redeploying ESXi vSockets

This articles describes how to unregister and redeploy VMware ESXi vSockets.


Sometimes it is necessary to migrate a vSocket to a different VM resource, or reinstall a vSocket on a different VM instance type. You can use the Cato Management Application to unregister an existing vSocket from a site, and then recreate the vSocket and redeploy it on a new VM instance. The configurations and settings for the site are preserved when it is redeployed.

Unregistering an ESXi vSocket

Use the Cato Management Application to unregister the vSocket instance from the site. Once the old vSocket is unregistered, a new serial number (S/N) is automatically generated in the Cato Management Application. You will use the new serial number (S/N) when you redeploy the vSocket.


Note: Make sure the ESXi vSocket instance is turned off before you unregister the vSocket.


To unregister a vSocket:

  1. From the navigation pane, select Network > Sites, and select the site.

  2. From the navigation pane, click Site Configuration > Socket, and select the Socket you are unregistering.

  3. Under Actions , click Unregister. The vSocket is now unregistered and a new S/N is generated which you will use when deploying the new vSocket instance.

Deploying a vSocket

Use the ESXi vSphere portal to delete the previous instance and then deploy a new one. Make sure to enter the new vSocket S/N displayed in the Cato Management Application in Network > Sites > [site name] > Site Configuration > Socket.

After you complete the deployment, the vSocket automatically connects to the site in the Cato Cloud.

To redeploy a vSocket:

  1. Delete the VM instance in vSphere by selecting the vSocket VM under Virtual Machines > [vSocket VM] > Actions > Delete.

  2. Deploy the vSocket instance by using the OVA image. For more read Configuring a VMware ESXi vSocket Site.

  3. Start the ESXi vSocket from the vSphere Portal:

    1. In the navigation menu, go to Virtual Machines, select the vSocket instance.

    2. On the vSocket instance page click Power on.

  4. Confirm the site is running in the Cato Management Application in the Network > Sites page.

Verifying vSocket Connectivity

Once you complete re-deploying the vSocket, you can verify the connectivity status of the vSocket:

  • In Network > Sites all available sites appear. If at least one vSocket is running the site appears as ‘Connected’ under ‘Connectivity Status’.

  • In Network > Sites > [site name] > Site Configuration > Socket connect to the WebUI of a vSocket. The WebUI should be reachable once the vSocket is running.

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