Incompatible Socket Versions (Socket HA) - Network Playbook

This playbook describes steps to resolve issues when the Sockets are running different major Socket versions that are incompatible for Socket High Availability (HA) sites.


When the Sockets for an HA site are running incompatible versions, there can be unexpected behavior when the site fails over from the active Socket to the passive Standby Socket.

This playbook contains steps you can take to:

  1. Verify that the Socket versions are incompatible.

  2. Remediate the issue.

  3. Verify that the the Socket versions are compatible.

These are the different ways that a Cato Management Application admin can verify that the Sockets have an issue related to Socket HA:

  • When the Cato Cloud identifies a Socket HA with incompatible Socket versions, a HA Status is not ready story is generated in the Stories Workbench

  • You can also use the Sites page to sort the sites according to the HA Status.


Understanding Cato Socket Versions

Cato releases three - four major Socket versions each year, and minor upgrades as required. Major versions are whole number increments, such as 17.0 and 18.0, while minor versions are decimal increments such as 18.3.3 and 18.4.1.

Socket HA failover takes place even if the Sockets are running different major versions. However, the site might experience functionality issues if the secondary Socket version does not support features that are supported for the primary Socket version.

For example, if the primary Socket runs version 18.0 and the secondary Socket is running version 15.0, In the case of a failover, features that were released with versions 16 - 18 will not work while the secondary Socket is active.

Step 1 - Verifying that the Socket Versions are Incompatible

This section discusses different Cato tools that you can use to verify that the Sockets are running incompatible versions.

Reviewing the Socket Page

Use the Socket page for the HA site to compare the Socket versions. The example below shows that the Compatible Version is not ready, and that each Socket is running a different major version.


Reviewing Versions in the Socket WebUI

Connect to the Socket WebUI for each Socket and click the About tab to show the version number that the Socket is running.

Step 2 - Remediating the Incompatible Socket Version Issue

Once you identify the Socket that is running the lower incompatible version, resolve the issue by updating it to the same major version as the other Socket.

Please contact Support with this information:

  • Request to upgrade the Socket with lower version

  • Include the Socket S/N that you need to upgrade in the ticket

Step 3 - Verifying that the Socket Versions are Compatible

After the Socket successfully upgrades to the newest version, go to the Socket page and confirm that the HA Status is Ready.

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