Using the Integrations Page

This article discusses how to use the Integrations page to get information about supported third-party integrations and to manage API connectors for SaaS application integrations.

Overview of the Integrations Page

The Integrations page shows a catalog of all third-party integrations supported by Cato, and also provides a unified interface to manage the API connectors for your account's SaaS application integrations. The catalog organizes the integrations according to the different use cases, such as IdP integrations for SSO, cloud storage services for events, SaaS Security API integrations, SIEM integrations, and more. The catalog also links to the relevant Cato Management Application configuration page and documentation for the integration.

Getting Started with the Integrations Page


To show the Integrations Page:

  • From the navigation menu, click Assets > Integrations .

Working with API Connectors for SaaS Applications

Create and edit API connectors for different SaaS application integrations.


To create or edit an API connector for a SaaS application:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Assets > Integrations .

  2. Select the Installed SaaS Applications tab.

  3. Click the connector to edit, or click New to create a new connector.

    For further details about creating a connector, see the relevant documentation for the connector you want to create:

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