Overriding Default Domain Categories for the Account

This article discusses how to use the Domain Lookup page to override the default Cato category for a domain and define different domain categories for your account.


Cato's system categories help you to easily manage the domains for different types of Internet content, such as Gambling or Hacking. However, sometimes you may need to redefine the category for a domain to meet your users' needs and align with your organizational policies. The Domain Lookup page lets you override the default category for a domain, and define new domain categories for your account. The redefined domain category applies in all account policies.

For example, users need access for business purposes to a domain that is blocked because it's in the Shopping category. Redefine the domain category as Business Information so it's not included in the policy that blocks Shopping domains.


Overriding the Default Categories for a Domain

Copy and paste the URL or domain to the search bar to display the system categories for a domain. Then edit the categories for the domain.

  • Only categories based on URL filtering services are editable. System categories defined by the Cato Security Research team can't be edited.

To override the categories for a domain:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Assets > App Catalog.

  2. Select the Domain Lookup tab.

  3. Enter a domain name or URL and click Search.

    The screen shows the Categories that the domain belongs to.

  4. In the Categories section, click Edit.

  5. Add or remove categories as follows:

    1. Click Add_Icon_CMA.png to add categories from the dropdown list.

    2. Click remove.png on a category to remove it.

    You can add up to 3 user-configured categories.

  6. Click Save Changes. The categories for the domain are saved and apply to all policies for the account.

Working with Account-Level Domain Categories

The Domain Lookup page lets you view a list of the domain categories that you redefined for your account. You can also delete redefined domain categories, and the domains revert to the original default categories for the domain.


To view and delete redefined domain categories:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Assets > App Catalog.

  2. Select the Domain Lookup tab.

  3. Click Show Account Overridden Domains. The Account Overridden Domains panel opens.

  4. To delete redefined categories for a domain, click Delete.png. The domain reverts to the original default categories.

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