Installing Device Certificates on Linux Devices

This article explains how to install device certificates used for device checks to Linux devices.


To install device certificates on your Linux Device, first crate the certificate and then install it on the device.


  • You must have administrator permissions for the Linux computer

  • The certificate file must be in a PFX (p12) format, including its private key

  • The certificate issuer must match the signing certificate that is uploaded in the Device Authentication screen in the Cato Management Application

  • Certificates have a maximum allowed size of 2048 bytes. Certificates larger than this size will be ignored

Installing and Configuring the Certificate

  1. Step 1: Create the device certificate

  2. Step 2: Install the certificate with the following command:

    cato-sdp import-cert <certificate path>/<certificate>.p12

Creating a Device Certificate

This section is an example of commands to create an OpenSSL certificate that the Client accesses for Device Authentication. You can use other tools to create the certificate.

You must have your own signing certificate before you create the device certificate.

openssl genrsa -out <name>.key 2048

openssl req -new -key <name>.key -out <name>.csr

sudo openssl x509 -req -in <name>.csr -CA rootCA.crt -CAkey rootCA.key -CAcreateserial -out <name>.crt -days 500 -sha256

openssl pkcs12 -export -out <name>.p12 -inkey <name>.key -in <name>.crt

In the example above, there is NO password added to the openssl pcks12 command.

Enabling the Device Certificate on the Client

This is required on Linux Client versions below v5.1

Copy the certificate and the file with the private key to the Linux device. When you run the Client, add the -cert argument. For more about arguments for the Linux Client, see Installing and Running the Linux Client (v5.1 and above)

To enable the device certificate on the Linux Client:

  1. Copy the device certificate and the private key file (<name>.p12) to a director that the Client has permissions to access.

  2. When you run the Client, add this argument: -cert <path to the p12 file>.

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