Consolidating Tokyo PoP Locations for Route Via Settings

To improve the Cato service for traffic that uses the Tokyo PoP location, we will change the Cato Management Application setting for the Route Via setting in the Network > Network Rules policy. Currently, you can egress traffic from the Tokyo, Tokyo_DC2, and/or Tokyo_DC3 PoP locations. Starting on April 28, 2024, we are gradually consolidating these PoP locations, and when you select any of the Tokyo, Tokyo_DC2, and/or Tokyo_DC3 options for the Route Via setting, it will include all the Tokyo, Tokyo_DC2, and/or Tokyo_DC3 PoP locations. The other Tokyo PoP locations will be automatically added to the Route Via setting.

What are the Changes for the Route Via Settings?

If you have Network Rules with Route Via settings that only include the Tokyo, Tokyo_DC2, and/or Tokyo_DC3 PoP locations, the settings will be changed automatically to include both options. This is an example of a Network Rule with both Tokyo PoP locations:


What Changes Do I Need to Make to the Network Rules?

You don't need to make any changes to the Network Rules in your account.

Starting from April 28, 2024, for the Route Via settings, you will be able to add the Tokyo option which includes all Tokyo PoP locations.

Note: We are gradually rolling out this feature and it may take a few weeks to be enabled for your specific account.

What is the Impact on My Account?

There is no impact on your account. You may notice improved connectivity and performance for sites and Clients that use the Route Via settings to egress traffic via the Tokyo PoP locations.

Who Do I Talk to If I Have Questions?

Please talk to your authorized Cato representative.

Who Do I Talk to If I Have Technical Issues?

Please contact Support.

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