Socket Version 20.0 Release Notes

Socket version 20 includes the following features:

  • This version also includes the firmware for the following features:

    • Synthetic Probe Monitoring: Synthetic probes let you proactively check the status of the apps for Internet breakout and the Cato tunnel. You can easily identify issues originating with your ISP, or a misconfiguration for a specific app with high latency due to QoS priority configuration
    • Port and Transport Level Metrics for Sites: We are introducing a new section in the Network Analytics page that provides visibility into physical port metrics, with a breakdown by Transport Types (Cato, Local Breakout, Off-Cloud, LAN, Alt. WAN) and Socket interface
    • BGP Protection Mechanism Enhancement: To guarantee uninterrupted access to Cato's internal servers, we are enhancing the BGP protection mechanism and ensuring that Cato’s system routes are consistently advertised to BGP peers.

      • The ranges include:





        • (Cato's default system range)

      • If you need to disable this default configuration, contact your Cato representative or Support. However, disabling this feature will impact system performance

  • v20.0.18221 includes:

    • AWS vSocket IMDSv2 Support: To align with AWS best practices, we are introducing support for the IMDSv2 security option for AWS vSocket sites, which employs session-oriented authentication mechanisms.
      • Enabling IMDSv2 support on the EC2 instance doesn't impact the site functionality

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