Summary of EPP Agent Versions

This article summarizes the features and enhancements of the Cato EPP Agent.

For information on how to download and install the EPP Agent, see Installing the Endpoint Protection Solution.

Endpoint Protection Agent v1.1

From May, 05, 2024, we started the rollout of EPP Agent version 1.1. This version contains:

  • Protection Against Threats That Take Advantage of Software Vulnerabilities: The new Anti Exploit engine uses machine learning to protect against threats that attack software vulnerabilities. Examples of attack techniques that are protected against include:

    • Privilege escalation

    • Process introspection

    • LSASS credential dumping

  • Automated Check for Other Anti-Virus Solutions: Cato's EPP Agent cannot effectively protect an endpoint if another Anti-Virus solution is running on it. During the installation process, the Agent checks if another Anti-Virus is installed on the endpoint and displays an error message if a solution is identified.

  • Uninstall and Delete the Agent in One Action: You can now uninstall the Agent from an endpoint and delete it from your account in one action.

    • Previously uninstalling the Agent and deleting the Agent had to be done separately

    • If required, you can still uninstall the Agent from an endpoint without deleting it from your account

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