Customizing the Cato Management Application

This article discusses how to customize the Cato Management Application (CMA) branding with colors, logos, and other themes that are consistent with your company.


You can configure the CMA so that your application matches your company branding and not Cato's. This gives the Cato platform your company's look and feel providing users with the familiarity and comfort of their recognized environment.

The Management Application page lets you change these branding settings:

  • Logo image and background

  • Color scheme for both dark and light modes

  • Help menu - Support and knowledge base links


Use Case

Your company uses the Cato platform to manage its Security, Network, and Remote Access. Your Cato admins are used to working with your company's branded software, ticketing system, and customized documentation and you want to maintain the same comfort level. You can configure the CMA so that the links in the Help menu, direct to your proprietary documentation and ticketing system, instead of the Cato-branded options, as well as provide users of the Cato platform with the look and feel they are used to seeing.

Customizing the Logo

Upload a file with your corporate logo to the Management Application page to define the global setting for your account and all managed accounts. All the pages on the platform display this logo.

When applying a custom logo, make sure that the logo file dimensions adhere to the recommended specifications, that the file type for the CMA logo is SVG, and that the file size does not exceed 200 KB.

To customize the logo for the CMA:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Management Application.

  2. Click the image in the Management Application Logo.

  3. In the window that appears, select the graphic file to upload.

  4. (Optional) Set the color for the Logo Background.

  5. Click Save.

Customizing the Color Scheme

You can customize the color scheme for both light and dark modes to ensure that the user experience is optimal when users are in either mode.

To customize the color scheme for the Cato Management Application:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Management Application.

  2. Enter the color values to use when for both Light and Dark modes.

  3. Click Save.

Customizing Links

There are two customizable support links in the CMA Help menu - one for the knowledge base, and another for contacting support. By default, these point to the Cato Knowledge Base and ticketing system, respectively.

You can customize these links so that they direct to your knowledge base and ticketing system by changing the Knowledge Base Link and Contact Support Link. Altering the default KB link will hide the related article section from the top menu. Furthermore, any links embedded within pages that direct to different Knowledge Base sections will redirect to the custom URL entered by the user.

To customize the support links for the Management Application:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Management Application.

  2. Under Support Links, enter URLs for the Contact Support Link and Knowledge Base Link pages.

  3. Click Save.

Restoring Default Branding

To restore the default values, navigate to the Branding page.

You must have the necessary permissions to edit settings in the Management Application page.

To restore Cato branding:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Management Application.

  2. Click Restore Defaults at the top of the page.

  3. In the confirmation window, click Apply.

    The branding is reset to Cato branding.

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