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Best Practices for Deploying Cato Client .MSI via Group Policy/Software Distribution Manager

1. How to download the Cato Client MSI or EXE files to use with a software distribution tool? 

To deploy the Cato Client via a software management application like GPO, you need to obtain the .MSI of the Cato Client.

Note: When using the MSI to install the Cato Client, you must use the filename setup.msi.

You can download the files from the following link:

For more information, see How Can I Download the Cato Client?.

2. What's the best way to update the Cato Client?

When you are using the same software distribution tool that installed the Client, there is no need to uninstall or re-install the Client before you upgrade to a new version.

If you are using a different software distribution tool, then we recommend that you uninstall and then install the new version (with the new distribution tool).

3. Are Elevated Privileges (Administrative rights) needed to install or uninstall the Cato Client?

Yes. Administrative rights are required to install or uninstall the client. 
If you receive Error 1721 when attempting to uninstall the Cato Client, please elevate permissions before attempting to uninstall the client, and try again.  

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  • Comment author
    Harald Schwaiger

    Hello Support, we would like to have the latest versions also available via msi package. Right now we would like to package version 5.2.108.

    For cc2 the old 4.7.xx version is still available under this link.

    "**.MSI file can also be found in "

    Could you please update this article and add the new link for and the latest version? Thx for your help and best regards


  • Comment author
    Erik de Jong

    Please update these sources to latest versions.

    The online versions/links in various articles are out-dated.

    Please provide an up-to-date .MSI for corporate distribution/testing earlier than the Cato auto-update process.

  • Comment author
    Yaakov Simon

    Erik and Harald,

    I updated this article to link to How Can I Download the Cato Client?

    Please use that KB article to download the MSI file. It is now updated for Windows v5.3



  • Comment author
    Yaakov Simon

    Updated the best practices in this article

  • Comment author
    Eivind Nesje
    • Edited

    Here I would expect to find or be linked to the installation command for the .msi file

    But I see nothing. Is there an installation command that outputs an installation log, for example:
    msiexec /i setup.msi /qn /log c:

    Searching "msiexec" in documents seems to mostly focus on uninstalling og re-installing, but not actually installing


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