User Not Mapped by User Awareness


After configuring User Awareness and making sure that the WMI Controller connection tests are successful under Directory Services, some users are still not being identified.


1. Check the Audit Policy on the Domain Controllers

Make sure that Audit account logon events and Audit logon events are set to Success in the Local Security Policy on each Domain Controller. 

The Audit Policy can be found under Security Settings > Local Policies > Audit Policy in the Local Security Policy settings.

Note: It's possible for the Audit Policy to be controlled by GPO. If "Audit account logon events" are set to "No auditing" and the policy is controlled by GPO, you'll need to edit the settings in the GPO. You will not be able to change the setting in the Local Security Policy.

If logon events are set to success, you will be able to see events in the Event Viewer on the DC. Cato reads the following event IDs for User Awareness purposes:

  • 4624
  • 4768
  • 4769
  • 4770
  • 5140
  • 5145

2. Make sure all Domain Controllers are added to WMI Controllers for Real Time Sync in the Cato Management Application

Audit events are not replicated across Domain Controllers, so it's necessary to add all the DCs that users may authenticate against to the WMI Controllers for Real Time Sync configuration in the Cato Management Application. If a user authenticates against a DC that is not added to the configuration, Cato will not be able to read the login event for that user, and the user will not be identified.

After all the DCs are added in the Cato Management Application, also make sure that that the connection test is successful for all of them.

3. Check that the user generated a logon event on a Domain Controller.

You can determine what DC a user authenticated to by any one of the following commands from a command prompt on the user's computer:

  • set l
  • echo %logonserver%
  • nltest /

After determining the authenticating DC, open the Event Viewer on that DC and go to Windows Logs > Security. You can add a filter for the logon event ID from the list above, like 4624, and then search for the username. 

If you find a successful logon event for the user, and that DC passed the WMI Controllers for Real Time Sync connection test in the Cato Management Application, then UA should be working for the user. If UA still is not working, please contact Cato support for assistance.

If you do not find a successful logon event for the user, you can run a WMI query from a command prompt on a domain-connected computer to verify that the user is logged into the computer.

WMI query using IP address:





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