Supported Throughput for Cato SDP Clients

The throughput for Cato Clients is based on a variety of factors, including: hardware, software, and geolocation. For example, wired vs. wireless connections, operating systems, shared software, Internet infrastructure, CPUs, and system resources, can significantly impact the Client performance. In addition, the VPN encryption has an overhead of up to 20% of the throughput.

The Cato Client is not capped in most of the world, and Cato guarantees a minimum throughput of 100Mbps. Cato only investigates Support tickets when the throughput is less than 100Mbps.

However, there are a few PoP locations with limited capacity, and Cato caps the maximum throughput of the Client. These are the details of the PoP locations:

  • North America, Europe, Japan, and Singapore: There is no maximum cap, and the throughput is only subject to environmental factors

  • China and Vietnam: The maximum throughput is capped at 20Mbps

  • Other PoP locations: The maximum throughput is capped at 100Mbps

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