Sample Procedure - Adding a Site with X1500 Socket

Example of Creating a New X1500 Socket Site

This article is a sample procedure that explains how to create a new site with an X1500 Socket. After you configure the settings for the new site, you can then assign the Cato Socket to it.

This sample deployment uses WAN2 for a secondary connection to a different ISP.

To add a new Socket site to your account:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Network > Sites.

  2. Click New. The Add Site panel opens.

  3. Enter the Site Name and for Type select Branch.

  4. Set the Connection Type to Socket X1500.

  5. Configure the Country, State, and Time Zone to set the time frame for the Maintenance Window for Socket upgrades.

  6. Select Enable WAN2 to configure a link for the secondary ISP connection.

  7. Configure the WAN1 Bandwidth and WAN2 Bandwidth to 200 Mbps for Downstream and 200 Mbps for Upstream.

  8. Configure the WAN2 Bandwidth and WAN2 Bandwidth to 100 Mbps for Downstream and 100 Mbps for Upstream.

  9. Configure the Native Range for the internal LAN to

  10. Click OK.

    The new site is added to the account.

  11. Open the notification area (in the upper-right menu bar), and expand the Activate New Socket message.
  12. Click Accept. The Socket is assigned to the site.
  13. To see the settings for the WAN1 and WAN2 connections, from the navigation menu click Site Configuration > Socket.

Below is an example of the Socket screen for the X1500 Socket High Availability configuration:


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  • Comment author
    Eric Tung
    • Edited

    This article didn't explain how to assign the newly connected Cato Socket to a specific site. I spent about 10 minutes+ just to find the setting in the Cato dashboard to perform the assignment. In the end, I noticed the notification bell icon on the upper-right corner then only realized that there was a new notification saying that a new Cato Socket was connected and asked me whether to Accept or Reject the new socket connection. Just click Accept and then choose the site that you want to assign to, then the Cato Socket starts working.

    Edit: thanks for the quick fix of this article.

  • Comment author
    Yaakov Simon


    Thanks so much for the feedback - sorry for the frustrating experience.

    I updated the procedure in this article and added a screenshot of the Activate New Socket message in the notification area.



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