Socket Version 6.0 Release Notes

These are the features that are included in Socket version 6.0. Some of the features are scheduled as part of a future release, see the Cato Networks Release Notes for when a feature is released.

  • Improved Socket Resiliency:Infrastructure enhancement - if there are connectivity issues with the Cato Cloud, the Socket reconnects to the same PoP more quickly.
  • Recovery via Internet:If there are connectivity issues with the Cato Cloud, Internet traffic is recovered using the ISP links and bypasses the Cato Cloud. This feature is available as a Global Setting or for individual sites.
  • This feature is enabled by default.
  • Disable this feature to prevent connections to the Internet during recovery.
  • Enhanced Messages for Connectivity Events Alerts:We enhanced the wording of connectivity alerts to provide more information for Reconnect events and alerts.
  • Socket High Availability Enhancements:
  • Support virtual MAC address with VRRP.
  • Select the dedicated interface on each Socket for the VRRP heartbeat.
  • (Future release) Recovery via Alt. WAN: If there are temporary connectivity problems to the Cato Cloud or ISP, this feature provides resiliency.
  • (Feature deferred and in development) Socket Monitoring: Provides direct read-only access to the Socket, and shows extensive monitoring and health data.
  • (Future release) Last-Mile Monitoring: Monitor and report on the ISP performance and status.
  • (Future release) IP Overlapping between Sites: Adds more flexibility to the customer’s network design.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

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