Product Update - August 25th, 2019

New Features & Enhancements

  • New Ordered Firewall:  
    • The new unified firewall uses ordered rules including: access, applications, and URLs. It also lets you create custom global categories and generate events for allowed traffic.  
    • Watch the video tutorial, and read about: the WAN Firewall, the Internet Firewall, and the migration process
    • When you are ready to migrate to the new ordered firewalls, contact Cato Tech Support.  
  • Enhanced Connection Resiliency: Infrastructure enhancement for Cato PoPs to better manage long connections (such as VoIP and backups) and provide resiliency for last-mile or Socket issues.
  • New Redirect Block/Prompt Web Pages: We’ve updated to the block and prompt web pages to the new branding. 

Cato Client Releases

  • Android VPN Client: In the next few days, the newest version of the Android VPN client ( will be available in the Google Play store and includes support for Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication.

PoP Announcement

  • Manila, Philippines: A new Cato PoP will shortly become available in Manila.

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures:  
    • Malware – Smoke Loader (New)  
    • Malware – Black Squid (New)  
    • Malware – Ice Fog (New)  
    • IOA – Jenkins (New)  
    • PuP – Hoho Search (New) 
  • Application Database:
    • Psiphon (Enhancement)
    • Microsoft Office (Enhancement) 

Support Tickets Resolved

  • #22657, #2327, #23614, #23616, #23977, #24130, #24326, #24657

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