Socket Version 7.0 Release Notes

Socket version 7.0 includes the firmware for new features, and in the coming weeks we will update the Cato Cloud and release the following features. See the Cato Networks Release Notes announcing when a feature is released.

  • Off-cloud Transport: The off-cloud transport feature lets you configure a network rule to route specific traffic over the Internet instead of the Cato Cloud. For example, when there are regular backups between different sites in the same region, you can designate these backups as off-cloud transport.
  • Azure vSocket: You can now install Socket functionality for the Azure data center.
  • Socket Monitoring: (Feature deferred and in development) Provides direct read-only access to the Socket, and shows extensive monitoring and health data.
  • Preferred PoP Location: Adds ability to select a preferred primary and secondary PoP for each site in your account.
  • RADIUS Authentication: Adds NAC support for RADIUS authentication for WAN traffic using the MAC address for each device.
  • Socket WebUI Rebranding.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

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