Product Update - December 30th, 2019

New Features & Enhancements

  • Enhancements for Event Discovery: We are continuing to improve the Event Discovery feature (Analytics > Event Discovery).  
    • New Preset for VPN Active Users: There is a new filter preset that lets you quickly show login events for all the VPN users in the account.
    • Link to Firewall Rules: Firewall related events now include a link to let you easily see the relevant firewall rule.
    • Updated Link in Alert Emails: Alert emails now link to the Event Discovery window.
  • Analyze Traffic Exclusively with Event Discovery: The new powerful Event Discovery feature helps you to easily analyze events in your account. The older Events window and sections are no longer shown in the Cato Management Application. Read more about Event Discovery.  
  • Recovery via Alt. WAN: If there are temporary connectivity problems to the Cato Cloud or last-mile, this feature provides resiliency and sends all WAN and Internet traffic over the Alt. WAN link.  You can define network rules, that determine which traffic is sent over the Alt. WAN link during recovery. Read more.
    • To activate this feature for your account, please contact Support
  • Use Discrete IP Address in Network Rules: You can now use the Discrete IP tab to configure specific IP addresses in the From settings for network rules. 

Cato Client Releases

  • Windows VPN Client: During the week of Dec. 30th, the newest version of the Windows Client (v. will be available to download from the Cato User Portal ( with these features: 
    • Improved Client Installation and Upgrade Experience: We upgraded to a newer installer (InstallShield 2018 R2 v. 24) and it provides a faster and better end-user experience when upgrading the Cato Client. 
  • Non-Default Port for Windows VPN Beta Clients: Includes the ability to configure the Cato Client to use UDP port 1337. Read more

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures: 
    • Darkrat (New)  
    • Dadjoke (New)  
    • Dealply (New)  
    • Onelouder (New)  
  • Application Database:
    • NordVPN (New)  
    • DTLS (New)  
    • Proprietary China Telecom App (New) 
    • Google Play Store (New)  
    • Greyware (Enhancement) 
    • Cisco Anyconnect (Enhancement)  

Knowledge Base Updates

Support Tickets Resolved

  • #27133, #28241, #28762, #29645, #30007, #30252, #30386, #30388, #30444, #30463, #30465, #30467, #30468, #30473, #30486, #30558, #30682, #30839 

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