Product Update - January 27th, 2020

New Features & Enhancements

  • IPS Enhancement for Newly Registered Domains: Malware often uses newly registered domains to evade IPS protections. This new IPS feature automatically blocks domains that are less than 14 days old and is disabled by default. Read more.
  • New Presets for Event Discovery: The Select Preset drop-down menu contains pre-defined event filters for common analytics scenarios. When you select a preset option, the filters are added to the events filter bar and the window is automatically updated. The filters include: High-risk domains for Internet firewall, IPS, Anti-malware, and more. Read more.

Cato Client Releases

  • Windows VPN Client: During the week of Jan. 27, users will be notified of a new Beta version of the Windows Client (v. This version improves how the Cato Client handles the host DNS settings.
  • MacOS and iOS VPN Clients:  An update for these Cato Clients will soon be available in the App store, including bug fixes and general enhancements.

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures: 
    • DarkComet (new)
    • NetBus (New)  
    • CVE-2017-9248 (New)  
    • Nessus vulnerability scanner (Enhancement)  
    • Ransomware suspected file extensions (Enhancement) 
  • Application Database:
    • Qutoutiao (New)  
    • Bidswitch (New)  
    • ExpressVPN (New)  
    • Amazon MSK (New)  
    • Ninjarmm (New)  
    • Kaspersky KSN (New)  
    • Zabix Agent (New)  
    • Callmanager (Enhancement)  
    • Webex (Enhancement) 
    • AmazonAWS (Enhancement) 

Knowledge Base Updates

Support Tickets Resolved

  • #24867, #29592, #30444, #31330, #31867, #31905, #32323, #32399, #32666, #32669, #32670, #32677, #32760, #32842, #32864, #32912, #32971 

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