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Adding VPN Users to the Account

Overview of VPN Users

When you add a VPN user to the account, the Cato Management Application automatically sends a registration email to the user. This email contains a link to the Cato Networks User Portal ( where users can configure their VPN password and activate the account. The email and link are valid for 24 hours.

VPN Username - Old Behavior with First and Last Name

The original behavior for VPN users was to create the username from the first and last name of the user. For example, the username for Jane Doe was jane_doe. You can change the settings for First and Last Name, but this doesn't change the VPN username.

VPN Username - New Behavior with Email Address

Starting March 9th, 2020, the VPN username for new users is based on the E-mail instead of first and last name. For example, the username for Jane Doe with the email is All new accounts that are created after March 9th, 2020 use this new behavior for VPN usernames. To enable VPN usernames with email addresses, contact Support.

For existing accounts, all VPN users that were created before March 9th, 2020 continue to use the same usernames, such as jane_doe. For accounts created after March 9th, new VPN users will use email address for the usernames. You can't convert an existing VPN user to the new behavior, instead create a new VPN user and delete the old one.

Adding SDP Users

Define each mobile user (users that connect to your organization's network from remote locations) as an SDP user in the Cato Management Application.

To add an SDP user:

  1. In the navigation panel, click Access > Users, and then click New.
  2. In the Add SDP User panel, enter the details for the user.

    The Email address is also the username for new SDP users.

  3. Click OK. An email invitation is sent to the SDP user.

Changing the Email Address for SDP Users

You can't change the email address for any SDP user, instead  create a new SDP user and delete the old one.

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