Requesting New Features (RFEs)

Cato Networks are constantly improving and upgrading our products with optimizations and new features. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Regarding Requests for Feature Enhancements (RFEs), please contact your Cato representative or Cato Support to communicate these requests. We will then review all the RFEs and assign a priority to each one. Here are some examples of information to provide for you suggested RFE:

  • Name for this RFE (please be specific as possible)
  • Use case or problem - reason for the enhancement
  • Describe the current functionality - if there is a limitation, please explain
  • Describe the proposed solution
  • Existing Solution / Workaround - describe any current configurations that you are using for the desired funcationality
  • Priority (Low / Medium / High)

We recommend that you read our weekly product announcements for more information about new features and enhancements.

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