Best Practices to Measure Last-Mile Performance with SpeedTest

This article discusses the best practices to use SpeedTest to measure the last-mile performance of the Cato Cloud compared to the public Internet. To make sure that your measurement is accurate, you must choose a physical SpeedTest server that is geographically close to the Cato PoP. Then when you run the SpeedTest, use this server to test the performance over the Cato Cloud and the Internet.  

To run SpeedTest and measure the last-mile performance:

  1. From a host or device that is behind a Cato Socket, choose a SpeedTest server that is physically closest to the Cato PoP and run the test.
  2. From a host or device that is directly connected to the Internet, choose the same SpeedTest server and run the test again.

Note: Before you run the test, make sure the bandwidth setting is configured according to the terms of your Cato site license. If the Cato site license has a higher bandwidth value than the ISP link bandwidth, set each link’s bandwidth according to the ISP bandwidth. For more about Cato site licenses, see ​Working with Cato License Types.

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