Announcement - Change for Opening Support Tickets in January 2021

Cato Networks is changing how customers open Support tickets, today you can create tickets using email or with the Submit a request form in the Cato Networks Knowledge Base. Beginning in January 2021, you can only open tickets with the Contact Us button which takes you to the Submit a request form.

Why the change?

We are always looking for ways that make resolving issues and problems easier for customers. The Submit a request form lets you create the ticket and provide Support with more information about the issue. This makes correctly identifying and resolving issues easier, and minimizes all the back-and-forth emails.

The Cato Networks Knowledge Base portal contains documentation and many helpful articles about Cato products. The Knowledge Base provides you with the information that you need to configure features and settings tailored for your company.

What does this mean?

Starting in January 2021, you will only create tickets from the Knowledge Base portal, and we are phasing out directly creating tickets with email. When you use the Submit a request form to open a ticket, you will receive an email notification when Support updates the ticket. You can also use emails to comment on your tickets, the only change is for creating new tickets.

What do I need to do?

Nothing special - just log in to the Knowledge Base portal with your username and password for the Cato Management Application.

You can watch this tutorial to find out more about using the Knowledge Base.

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