Product Update - August 24th, 2020

New Features

  • Off-Cloud Traffic as a Transport: You can configure a network rule to route specific traffic using an encrypted DTLS tunnel over the Internet (off-cloud) instead of over the Cato Cloud. Cato supports active/active and active/passive configurations for the off-cloud traffic. Read more.
  • New vSocket Support for VMware ESXi: The ESXi vSocket lets you install Socket functionality on an ESXi VM and benefit from enhancements including: resiliency to the Cato Cloud, better recovery, analytics and troubleshooting options. Read more.
  • Clientless Access Application Enhancements:
    • New security feature that lets you configure the application base path and prevent access from outside of this path.
    • You can now define the host address for Clientless Access applications with the hostname in addition to the IP address.
    • Configure the application header to let users connect to a server using a host name that’s different from the application URL.
      Read more.
  • Enhancement to Topology Window for Office Mode Users: The Topology window now only shows remote VPN users, and excludes users that are connected with office mode.

Cato Client Releases

  • Windows VPN Client 4.4: During the week of August 24th, users will be notified of the newest Windows Client, version 4.4. This version includes support for these features:
    • Use a registration code to provision VPN users. Read more.
    • Manage the Client upgrade policy for the account. Read more.

      Note: User Provisioning is already supported on iOS, MacOS, and Android Clients.

Cato PoP Announcement

  • No PoP announcements for week 34.

Security Updates

  • IPS Signatures:
    • IOA - SSH Brute Force (Enhancement)
    • IOA - RDP Brute Force (Enhancement)
    • IOA - HTTP/S Brute Force (Enhancement)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor Users With Password Never Expires (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor Admin Users (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor Users With CIO In Group Name (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Windows 10 computers (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Domain Users (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Domain Controllers (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Exchange Servers (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Domain Groups (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Windows 2000 Computers (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Windows XP Computers (New)
    • IOA - LDAP SearchFor All Computers With Kerberos Pre-Authentication Disabled (New)
  • Application Database:
    • DocuSign (New)
    • SSH (Enhancement)

Knowledge Base Updates

Resolved Tickets

  • #42946, #43529, #44629, #44631, #45339, #45346, #45448, #46132, #46328, #46442, #47572, #47847, #48087, #48150, #48302, #48316, #48543, #49093

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