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Troubleshooting Performance Issues for the Cato Client


Our users are experiencing performance issues while using the Cato Client. How do I know if the decreased performance is caused by the Client or for another reason?


The VPN performance is limited to the maximum available bandwidth for the connected computer or device.

These are some suggestions to troubleshoot performance issues:

  1. What is the speed of the Internet connection?
    1. Disconnect the Client from the VPN.
    2. Run a SpeedTest to determine the Internet speed.
    3. If the SpeedTest results are fine, connect the Client to the VPN and run SpeedTest again to the same server as the previous step.
    4. If the while connected to the VPN, the SpeedTest results are poor, contact Support.
  2. When there is general poor Internet speed without the VPN. Here are some general suggestions to improve the Internet connection:
    1. For users at home, restart the Internet modem.
    2. If possible, try a wired connection (instead of WiFi).
    3. When applicable, try connecting to a different hotspot.
  3. Temporarily disable security software on the computer or device. Firewalls and anti-virus software can slow down VPN traffic by filtering or scanning outgoing packets.

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    This article should be augmented, as end users are not expected to contact Cato support directly we need to know what information needs to be collected in advance to avoid back and forths that delay troubleshooting.


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