Product Update - September 7th, 2020

New Features

  • Security Enhancement for TLS Inspection: To improve Internet security, starting on September 27th we are removing Amazon S3 from the list of predefined Trusted Destinations. This means that for accounts that have TLS Inspection (Configuration > Global Settings > TLS Inspection) enabled, Cato will start inspecting Amazon S3 traffic.
    • For sites and applications that use certificate pinning, manually add Amazon S3 as a Trusted Destination. Read more.
  • Enhancement to Event Discovery with ISP Data: Events now include the ISP name. Read more.
  • Update to Cato SDP Licenses: We are simplifying the SDP licenses, and a single license now covers all the main pricing regions: NAM, Europe, APJ and ANZ.

Cato Client Releases

  • Windows VPN Client 4.4: On September 6th, a notification is sent to users for the newest Windows Client, version 4.4. This version includes:
    • Using a registration code to provision VPN users. Read more.
      Note: User Provisioning is already supported on iOS, MacOS, and Android Clients.
    • Managing the Client upgrade policy for the account. Read more.
    • Bug fixes

Cato PoP Announcement

  • Shenzen, China: A new Cato PoP is now available in Shenzen

Security Updates

  • Application Database:
    • Skype (Enhancement)
    • Zoom (Enhancement)
    • UniVOIP (New)

Knowledge Base Updates

Resolved Tickets

  • #46427, #47371, #47571, #48340, #48542, #49725, #49094, #50947

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