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Working with accountMetrics > Granularity

This article discusses how to configure the accountMetrics > timeFrame and accountMetrics > timeSeries > buckets arguments to control the Granularity fields and the time duration for each bucket of data.

Working with the Granularity Field for API Calls

The accountMetrics API call returns account data of the specified timeFrame and it is divided into the number of buckets. Each bucket has the same Granularity or time duration. The Granularity is calculated according to the following formula: timeFrame/buckets.

The API server fetches the data every 5 seconds, so the minimum value for Granularity is 5. If the Granularity is less than 5, then some of the buckets will return no data (value 0).

Sample API Call with Data for Each Bucket

  • Set the accountMetrics > timeFrame argument to last.PT2H (2 hours, or 7200 seconds)
  • Set the accountMetrics > timeSeries > buckets argument to 80
  • The account Metrics > Granularity field shows that the time duration for each bucket is 90 seconds (7200 / 80)

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