Troubleshooting Support Self Service Portal


Often, Support asks you to use the Support Self Service portal to help resolve issues. This article explains how to fix some common errors with this portal.

Cato Certificate is Missing 

If you are using the SDP Client to connect to the Cato Cloud, the Cato certificate should be installed. When the certificate is missing, the following error is shown:Cato_Self-Service_Portal.png

To resolve the issue, download the certificate from the Cato portal, and then install the certificate.

DNS Resolving Issue 

If you are using non-Cato DNS servers, please check with the network admin to make sure that there is a DNS record for pointing to Run the following command to check the DNS record:


For accounts that don't use the default reserved system range (, configure this record to point to the x.x.x.7 IP address in the customs system range.

Proxy and DNS Security  

If you are connected to the Cato Cloud and still see the following screen:Cato_Self-Service_Portal-2.png

Make sure that DNS security(DoH) is disabled on the browser:Settings_-_Security.png

Make sure that no proxy is enabled on your browser, for more information, see this guide.

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  • Comment author
    Eric Tung

    I'm very confused with the "customized system range", it doesn't look like something that can be configured from the dashboard directly. Is this something that we need to contact Cato support to customize the system IP range?

  • Comment author
    Dermot - Community Manager Only 42 of these badges will be awarded.  They are reserved for people who have played a key role in helping build the Cato Community through their contributions! Community Pioneer The chief of community conversations. Community manager

    Hello Eric!

    My apologies for not responding before now!  I can see that this is a bit confusing since you can't change it.  The system range is something that can only be modified by Cato admins.  Sometimes this is done when a company requires to use a different range.  If you don't know if you have a non-default range then you may need to open up a support ticket.  However, I'll look into this in a bit more detail for you to see if there is another way around this.   I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Kind Regards,

    Dermot Doran (Cato Networks).

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