Setting a Different Port to Connect to the Cato PoP


Oftentimes, the Socket can sometimes disconnect, because the government requires ISPs to restrict using UDP port 443. You can configure the Socket instead to use UDP port 1337.


Starting with Socket version 12, there is an easy method to set a different port to establish the tunnel with Cato PoPs.

To change the port:

  1. Log in the Socket WebUI.
  2. Browse to the Cato Connection Settings tab: Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_10.55.30.png
  3. Under the DTLS port settings section, change the port number to 1337 and click Update.Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_10.57.50.png
  4. Click Reconnect to apply the changes to the Socket. (You can also restart the Socket.)
    The Socket establishes the DTLS tunnel using the 1337 UDP port.

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    Mike Bretz

    Is the DTLS port socket specific in a HA setup or will it update on both boxes ?

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