How To Collect Console Logs on macOS


The console logs are written to the system logger from the operating system (OS) and external applications.

In many cases, the console logs are required to further investigate SDP Client issues and you should collect them while reproducing the issue and submit a ticket with Cato Networks. There is no need to interpret the logs, only collect, validate, and send them to Cato Support.


macOS system with the built-in Console application (see Applications > Utilities).

Collecting the Console Logs


Note: Console logs are included in the log bundle starting with macOS SDP Client v5.6

To collect the console logs on macOS:

  1. Open the Console application from your Launchpad or search bar. 
  2. Click the leftmost button in the toolbar to show the sidebar (make sure All Messages is selected in the tab bar).
  3. If the Activities button in the toolbar is enabled with a blue icon, click it to turn this off and then click the Start buttonimg1.png
  4. Now try to reproduce the issue that you were experiencing with the Cato Client.
  5. Select all the logs.
    1. From the Console application, click Pause
    2. Select the recent error messages from the main window, (or from the Menu Bar select Edit > Select All).img2.png
  6. Copy the logs, from the Menu Bar, select Edit > Copy.
  7. Open the TextEdit application and Paste the copied logs into a new plain text document.
  8. Save the text document in .txt format, and upload the file to Cato Support.img3.png

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