Setting Admin Preferences

This article discusses the preferences for the Cato Management Application that you can select in the Profile panel.

Overview of Admin Preferences

Each admin can customize their preferences for the Cato Management Application, including the localization options, and the layout for the navigation menus.


Changing the Localization Settings

The Cato Management Application supports localization and the screens are translated to different languages. Use the Profile panel to change the Language for the menu options and messages.

These are the supported languages:

  • Japanese

    More languages will be supported soon.

Known Limitations for Localization

  • Content that is provided from external sources is not translated. For example, the app descriptions in the Apps Catalog.

  • Error messages aren't translated

  • New screens and features can take a few weeks to before they are localized

Changing the Navigation Layout

The Profile panel lets you control how the Cato Management Application navigation controls are displayed. You can switch between various display modes at any time.

Choosing the Light Mode

The Cato Management Application can be displayed in either a light mode (with a white background) or a dark mode (with a black and grey background).

Setting the Admin Preferences

Open the Profile panel and set the admin preferences for the Cato Management Application.

The Profile icon in the Cato Management Application generally displays the initials of the user.

To set the admin preferences for the Cato Management Application:

  1. On the Cato Management Application toolbar, click the Profile icon. The panel opens and shows the admin preferences.

  2. In Navigation Layout, select to show the navigation menus on the top of the screen or the side of the screen.

  3. In Light Mode, select the light or dark mode theme for screens.

  4. In Language, select the localized language for the Cato Management Application menu options and messages.

  5. You can click My Profile to open the Admin Configuration > General screen for the admin.

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