Cato Management Application - Known Limitations & Resolved Issues


Known Limitations

  • For reseller accounts, when an admin in the parent account makes changes to the child account, the Audit Log doesn’t show the admin username. The Audit Log shows the admin user ID instead.
  • Email notifications for Link Health Rules are sometimes sent to an additional mailing list.
  • The Off-Cloud monitoring screen for a site may take a long time to load and show data.
  • Using dark mode can show incomplete and cut-off screen. Refresh the browser with the regular theme.
  • When using the Firefox browser, in the Topology screen, the flags are not shown for the sites.
  • Accounts can have a maximum of 100 unread notifications. Afterwards, the 100 newest unread notifications are shown.

Resolved Issues

  • For the Users screen, couldn't sort by Connectivity Status or Last Connection
  • For the Events screen, when there was a very large number of events to show, the screen froze and then showed this error: “No Data (Network Error)”. Refresh the browser and set a smaller time range.
  • The connected time for SDP users in the Topology screen used to show incorrect value for total time connected.
  • Routing Table screen didn’t show data the first time it loaded
  • Audit Trail screen only showed 100 audit records
  • Rule names for Local Routing rules aren’t always displayed. Refresh the browser to show the rule names.
  • The Topology screen may show an incorrect summary of connected sites and SDP users.
  • For AWS vSocket sites with HA, you can’t change routed ranges to direct ranges. Use the legacy Cato Management Application to change them.
  • Can’t enable or disable LAN Monitoring rules. Use the legacy Cato Management Application to enable or disable them.
  • For new accounts, the Terms of Use screen may not show for new admins
  • On some screens, the Save button is replaced with a Submit button
  • When admins with regional viewer permissions log in, they sometimes see a 404 error page. Refresh the browser, and then log in again.
  • Can’t delete hosts configured within a DHCP range. Delete these hosts from the legacy Cato Management Application.
  • Remotely accessing the Socket WebUI from the new Cato Management Application, can sometimes prevent saving configuration changes in the Socket WebUI. Admins can directly log in to the Socket WebUI using the MGMT IP for the Socket.
  • Can’t create exceptions for the IPS policy directly from an event. Use the legacy Cato Management Application to create it.
  • Can’t show email alerts in the Events screen. Use the legacy Cato Management Application to show it.
  • For Link Health Rules, you can choose to monitor the quality of a LAN network interface. This doesn’t monitor the quality of the WAN links.
  • In the Network Analytics screen, the Overview tab can show incorrect summary of packet loss data. The packet loss data in the Details tab is correct.
  • Some Security events may display extra Chinese characters.
  • Sometimes after unassigning a Socket, the new Cato Management Application still shows the Socket assigned to the site. Use the legacy Cato Management Application to view the site, and it shows that the Socket is no longer assigned to it.
  • Showing settings for a group can produce this error message: “Invalid Request, redirecting”. Refresh the browser, and show the group again.
  • The Local Routing rules for a site doesn’t support comma separated list of ports. Use the legacy Cato Management Application to add a comma separated list of ports to the rule.
  • Events sometimes show duplicate fields in the same event.
  • When using the Firefox browser, there may be issues with the date and time widget. Use a different browser to show that screen with the specific date and time.
  • Couldn’t exchange Sockets ports for a site.
  • Couldn’t edit the Connection Type for a site.
  • The filter in the Events screen would sometimes show the date in the epoch format.
  • For sites with LAN aggregation, the physical status of the LAG members used to show as N/A.

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